Results: Actions to insulate and heat

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From the homeowner interviews and other feedback, it’s clear the “insulate, insulate, insulate” message was taken on board by the participating homeowners.  Many already had intentions to insulate when signing up to participate, but we’re pleased to see that a lot more people went on to insulate:

  • 65% of the households, who were recommended to install ceiling insulation, did so.
  • 56% installed underfloor insulation based on the recommendation.
  • 33% of households, who were recommended to install wall insulation, also went on to do so.
  • 24% of people, who were recommended to install double/secondary glazing, did so. 

Interestingly only 18% of people who participated accessed the Warm Up New Zealand subsidies through EECA - even though almost of all of participants are eligible to receive them.  If you haven’t installed your insulation or heating yet, we’d urge you to take the opportunity to get those subsidies - it’s money not to be sniffed at!

Heating improvements were also popular - 47% of households, who were recommended to upgrade their heating, did so.


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