Reports and presentations - Early renovation research

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  • 13-Nov-2007 (Conference paper HR2420/4 )

    Smarter Homes: Transforming New Zealand Homes (PDF 2.6MB)

    Marta Karlik-Neale

    Sustainable Building SB07 New Zealand

  • 09-Jan-2006 (Report PR106/2)

    Market Segmentation of New Zealand's Housing Stock (PDF 646KB)

    Lynda Amitrano, N. Kirk, Ian Page

    This report identifies the key market segments with the New Zealand residential housing stock and the associated drivers and opportunities to improve the sustainability of the homes in each segment. There are four key segments based on ownership and age of house; owned pre 1979, owned 1979 onwards, rental pre-1979 and rental 1979 onwards.

  • 08-Jan-2006 (Report TE109/2)

    Retrofit and Sustainability Analysis for Today's Homes (PDF 2MB)

    Nick Yannakis, Olivia Chung, Sean Hart, Matthew Halverson

    Sponsored by Beacon, four University of Canterbury mechanical engineering students developed a 'Pathway Navigator Concept' to motivate and guide homeowners to form an action plan for a home upgrade. A website was selected as the final concept and developed. Homeowner demographic research was conducted and three homes were monitored as case studies from the demographic research.

  • 04-Jan-2006 (Report PR105/1)

    Development of Beacon's National Scorecard (PDF 324KB)

    Ian Page, Roman Jaques

    Proposes a structure/framework for a National Scorecard to measure change in the sustainability of houses at a national level. Sources publicly available national information for each indicator where possible, otherwise suggests national surveys.

  • 03-Jan-2005 (Report MT111/2)

    Exploring a Commercially Viable Model for Retrofit (PDF 290KB)

    Rachel Hargreaves

    Identifies community trusts involved in retrofit. Describes Australian Easy Being Green programme. Concludes renovation products/technologies are readily available but current market focuses on low-income households and energy-efficiency. Potential for commercially viable retrofit model for all households with broader sustainability goals.

  • 29-Nov-2004 (Report PCP/16)

    Housing Retrofit: Housing Interventions, Stock and Market (PDF 560KB)

    John Storey, Ian Page, Louw van Wyk, Mike Collins, Tobias Kriel

    This early report for the Programme Confirmation Phase scoped retrofit interventions internationally in energy, water, materials and health.  It includes statistics on home occupiers, housing stock and retrofit programmes in New Zealand at that time.  It identified gaps in knowledge and areas where Government intervention is needed.