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The house is a rental property, which has been owned by the homeowner for 13 years.  Due to the extensive damage in the earthquakes, the tenants moved out and the house became inhabitable.

During the Build Back Smarter pilot, an upgrade plan was prepared for the house.  However, during the repair process, the insurer decided to rebuild, rather than repair, this home.


Earthquake damage

Redcliffs 1 is a 1950s brick and tile home with a basement underneath.  The house has had some modernisation, with downlights installed in the bathroom, insulation installed in parts of the house and a relatively new electric hot water cylinder. 

The house suffered from significant damage to the roof, windows and cladding during the earthquakes.  The house was regarded as unlivable post earthquakes, but only temporary measures were used to weatherproof it.  As a result the interior of the house - the insulation, wiring, all the fixtures, walls and ceilings suffered extensive water damage with mould spreading throughout. 

Ground movement caused uneven settlement of ring foundation and piles of the older part of the home, as well as damage to sewer and stormwater drains.  Most interior lath and plaster ceiling and wall linings were badly cracked. 


Upgrade plan

Pre-upgrade condition

Planned upgrade

  • Good levels of ceiling insulation
  • No wall insulation or building wrap in upper storey.  Solid concrete walls in lower storey
  •  Install R 2.8 wall insulation in upper storey with building wrap inserts 
  • Bulk underfloor insulation for most of the upper storey but no insulation above the garage.
  • No vapour barrier
  • Install R1.6 underfloor insulation under uninsulated part of the house.
  • Install vapour barrier
  • Draughty front door
  •  Install draught stopper 
  • Very large area of southeast and southwest facing glass- draughty windows, and single glazing, insufficient curtains.
  •  Recommendation to homeowner to install draught stopping and better curtains 
  • 180L electric hot water cylinder -no hot water cylinder wrap.
  • No pipe lagging
  • Add split system heat pump  to hot water system.
  • Install hot water cylinder wrap and pipe lagging
  • Heat pump in main living area.
  • Portable electric heaters used in bedrooms.
  • Heated towel rail
  • Homeowners decided to install wood burner
  • Timer for heated towel rail.
  • 5 downlights in bathroom - a mix of halogen and incandescent bulbs throughout. 
  •  Recommendation to replace with LED/ IC-F rated downlights.  
  • Bathroom extract fan in main bathroom - ducted to ceiling.
  • Kitchen rangehood installed -ducted to ceiling
  • New bathroom extract fan part of earthquake repairs.
  • New rangehood part of earthquake repairs
  • High flow kitchen and bathroom taps.
  • Full flush toilet
  • Recommendations for tap aerators
  • New dual flush toilet part of earthquake repairs

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Redcliffs 1

Damage to Redcliffs 1

Cladding damage to Redcliffs 1

Internal damage Redcliffs 1

Internal damage to Redcliffs 1

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