Papanui 1

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Papanui 1 is a single storey lath and plaster home with a sleep-out.

Six people from an extended family live in the house and sleep-out.  The family includes a baby (living in the sleep-out) and a son with rheumatic fever. 


Earthquake damage

In terms of the scope of the earthquake repairs:

  • Foundation repairs
  • Ceiling linings were replaced throughout
  • Cladding and wall linings were replaced


Upgrade plan

Pre-upgrade condition


  • Good levels of ceiling insulation with gaps for downlights
  •  Fitted ceiling insulation over IC-F rated downlights 
  • Some wall insulation
  •  Upgraded to R2.8 wall insulation 
  • Well installed R1.8 underfloor insulation
  • Vapour barrier not taped to piles and not pinned in place
  •  Repaired vapour barrier 
  • No door between laundry and garage
  • Exterior doors draughty
  • Installed draught proof door between the laundry and garage
  • Draught stopped exterior doors
  •  Wrapped hot water cylinder 
  • Wood burner in main living area. Bedrooms cold
  • Sleepout cold
  • Installed heat transfer system to heat bedrooms
  • Installed Energy Star rated heat pump to heat sleepout
  • Extensive downlights (9 in 18m2) creating gaps in ceiling insulation
  • Replaced with LED/ IC-F rated downlights.   
  • Replaced all other bulbs with CFLs
  • Aging bathroom extract fan/light ducted to ceiling.
  • Kitchen rangehood installed -ducted to ceiling
  • Replaced bathroom extract fan ducted externally, and separate light
  • Ducted existing rangehood externally
  • High flow kitchen and bathroom taps.
  • Installed tap aerators


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Papanui 1

Papanui 1 sleepout


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