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This research, funded by the Building Levy, aimed to improve our understanding of the options for upgrading privately owned homes in Tamaki alongside the Tamaki Regeneration.


Tamaki Regeneration

The Tamaki Regeneration is the largest brownfields development undertaken in New Zealand and will provide approximately 6000 additional homes over 20-25 years, mainly replacing state-owned housing. However, nearly half of Tamaki homes are privately owned and are not part of the planned regeneration. 

Beacon, working with Nga Iwi Kainga, identified that many of these privately owned homes are poorly maintained and provide a low level of performance (cold, damp and expensive to run) for their residents.  While some of these private homes were considered to have clear upgrade potential, others were thought to be structurally unsound and have other technical challenges to efficient and effective upgrade i.e. may be candidates for retirement. 


The research project

The project looked at whether upgrading existing private homes was a viable option, or whether retiring them would bring better outcomes for households.

The research looked at 14 case study homes, and combined:

  • An assessment of the state of each house (using Beacon’s extensive research and understanding of home performance and our Home Assessment and Prioritised Plan tool)
  • Interviews with each homeowner to find out their perspective on living in the house and neighbourhood
  • Interviews with local organisations, including Nga Iwi Kainga, the Tamaki Regeneration Company and other local developers
  • A look at the economics of upgrading the house by the New Zealand Institute of Economic Research.

The research aimed to produce a framework that guides homeowners (and community organisations working with homeowners) through decisions on whether to upgrade, what upgrades and maintenance to undertake, and what alternatives exist to upgrading the existing house.

Tamaki neighbourhood

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