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Walking alongside you: Become a member or partner

Our members share the goal of transforming New Zealand’s homes and neighbourhoods.  They also share the benefits of first-hand knowledge of Beacon’s learnings and collaborating closely with other sector members.  If membership’s not for your organisation, we’re happy to partner in other ways.

Expanding our knowledge: Research and knowledge synthesis

Beacon undertakes new research to fill the gaps in understanding house and neighbourhood performance.  We pull together knowledge from our own research and other work around New Zealand and the world into a form that means it can be used to drive change.

Developing robust independent tools

We recognise that knowledge needs to come in a form which can be applied in the real world. Beacon has a number of tools and resources in a useful form for end-users.  We can offer support in how to use them and will work with you to tweak the tools as you might need for your own project.

Insight and analysis from our expert team

Beacon’s team has extensive experience in sustainable homes and neighbourhoods.  We can offer technical insight, analysis and expertise to your projects.

Scoping and managing projects

We believe that research has to be tested in the real world.   Demonstration projects provide a proof of concept that gives weight and credibility to results. Beacon has extensive experience in scoping and running collaborative projects, both demonstration and for clients, and we believe evaluation and monitoring is an integral part of this.

Training and professional development

Professional development -have our expert team develop bespoke workshops to enable your staff to make informed and well considered decisions about homes and neighbourhoods.

Bringing people together: Networks and connections

One of Beacon’s greatest resources is our extensive network across the housing sector, from central and local government, to industry,  affordable and third sector housing providers, design and construction.  This resource enables us to draw together partners around an opportunity or project, leverage funding and other contributions, and link up opportunities and people.


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The New Category of Home project was a collaborative process facilitated by Beacon