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Beacon is making the data gathered as part of a national survey available to territorial authorities and other stakeholders in built environments, sustainable development, and the social and economic well-being of our settlements to explore some of the critical impacts of neighbourhood form.

Designed to provide a baseline for the Resident Self-Report Tool of the Neighbourhood Sustainability Framework, the survey of 1,613 people investigates their behaviours, perceptions and experiences in relation to their neighbourhoods. 

The survey provides, for the first time, direct evidence as to the impact of built environment densities and use profiles on aspects of neighbourhood sustainability. 

Debates on the merits or otherwise of the intensification of urban settlements and the trend to mixed use neighbourhoods have, to date, been largely uninformed by empirical evidence. Those debates continue as territorial authorities throughout the country attempt to optimise the social and economic as well as environmental performance of New Zealand’s cities and towns. 

This survey provides territorial authorities, and any others interested in the built environment the opportunity to access a unique database.


Learn more about the survey

To facilitate access to that data, we’ve prepared a public report, A National Survey of Neighbourhood Experiences and Characteristics: Opportunities for Data Use.  

This report:

  • sets out the survey method
  • profiles the socio-demographic and neighbourhood characteristics of participants
  • sets out the structure of the database


Request the data

The National Survey database is held by CRESA.  To request a customised table, please contact them:

Centre for Research Evaluation and Social Assessment (CRESA)

15 Edward St

P.O. Box 11260

Wellington 6142

Ph (04) 384 5923

Not all data is currently available and no unit data will be made available. 

A cost of extraction charge will apply.