Neighbourhood case study: Dannemora

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  • Manukau City
  • lower density, mixed use, medium cost suburban greenfield
  • rated a low sustainability neighbourhood by the Observational Tool (not enough replies received to rate this by Resident Self-Report Tool)

Key positives

Key negatives

  • Good walking environment
  • Good surveillance of public space
  • Good access to schools
  • Poor public transport service
  • Lack of affordable housing
  • Large dwellings and low overall density
  • Poor treatment of streams
  • Lack of playgrounds or other park facilities


Dannemora is a relatively dense recently built neighbourhood on the edge of the urban area. There are lifestyle blocks and countryside to the east while the remaining surroundings consist of similar dwellings with “big box retail” to the north and west.

All of the dwellings are relatively new (less than 10 years) and all are free-standing. Dwellings range in size from 3 bedrooms to 5-6 bedrooms and some are marketed as suitable for extended families. The housing stock is of high quality and the risk of dilapidation appears to be low. Section sizes vary and dwellings dominate the property so the rate of impermeable surfaces is high. There is no social housing in the study area.

Walking and public transport

Dannemora was observed as being very walkable, with a relatively pleasant streetscape and easy terrain. Roads are narrow and quiet and footpaths are provided on all urban roads (none in the lifestyle block areas). All urban roads are planted with street trees and these are in good condition. This neighbourhood is within easy walking distance of a primary school and childcare centre. Pedestrian spaces and other public open spaces are largely well cared for and all are overlooked by houses, providing passive surveillance to those public spaces. There are, however, few amenities or facilities to walk to.

It is possible to walk in the nearby countryside, although road safety may be an issue. As well, urban arterial roads with speed limits of up to 80km create a significant barrier for extensive urban walking. There are extremely limited bus services to the area.

Amenities and services

Although the retail area provides a grocery, fruit shop and butcher, it does not have a full banking or postal service or any medical services. The neighbourhood includes a small commercial/retail area and is within easy walking distance of a primary school and childcare centre. Several homes were being used for home occupations, largely by converting garage space into home offices or showrooms.

Public spaces

There is only one area of public open space (excluding the primary school which has lockable gates)- a square with a pathway through the middle to a pavilion.


According to Auckland Regional Council hydrological maps there are two streams on the site. There is now little evidence of these and it is assumed that they are largely piped.


Dannemora, Manukau City