Using the tools to assess your neighbourhood

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While the Observational Tool, and the Resident Survey Tool give an indication of the level of sustainability of the neighbourhood, they also provide far more.  The reported results provide a picture of the strengths and weaknesses of the neighbourhood, and indicate where improvements can be made, and how the neighbourhood compares to others. 

The tools can be used to:

  • Assess and improve the designs of planned developments
  • Assess existing neighbourhoods and inform planning for local change
  • Help communities to identify areas for change
  • Benchmark existing neighbourhoods before and after regeneration to measure progress
  • Provide an independent measure of a neighbourhood’s success for marketing or sustainability reporting


You will find the Neighbourhood Sustainability tools useful if you are a:

  • Developer
  • Local authority planner, engineer, policy maker or community developer 
  • Designer or planner
  • Neighbourhood manager, for example, with Housing New Zealand Corporation or a housing trust
  • Community organisation looking to improve your neighbourhood