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Beacon Pathway Incorporated

A shared vision of the potential benefits of improving New Zealand’s homes brought stakeholders together to form an Incorporated Society, Beacon Pathway Inc.  The Society’s objective is to transform New Zealand’s homes and neighbourhoods to be high performing, adaptable, resilient and affordable through:

  • Facilitating and undertaking demonstration projects which show the benefits of higher performing new and existing homes.
  • Facilitating and providing robust research which builds a fact-based platform for sustainable, affordable, buildable and comfortable homes.
  • Collaborating with and bringing together other stakeholders in New Zealand’s residential built environment to create greater change

A copy of the Society’s Rules are available below.



The Society is governed by a Board of Directors elected by Members.

Members welcome

Our members and partners have benefited by using Beacon to:

  • Bring key organisations around the table to develop aligned thinking and integrated solutions. No single organisation can solve New Zealand’s housing issues alone. Collaboration leads to greater progress. Beacon is working with the Home Performance Advisor programme and Toimata Foundation in a pilot home performance in schools programme/
  • Bring organisations together to leverage resources to deliver more; for example, the Housing Matters series in Canterbury which brings together Christchurch City Council with  central government and industry sponsors.
  • Use Beacon’s networks and research experience to provide insight into a specific topic; for example, a review of how changing technology will impact the construction sector as part of MBIE’s STEEP review.
  • Apply or mentor the application of Beacon’s tools; for example, applying the neighbourhood tools in Hobsonville Point for HLC.
  • Solve building performance issues through research; for example, NZ Steel contracted Beacon to provide and analyse data on new roof installation.
  • Access the latest research; for example, Beacon’s Tamaki retire or upgrade project identified key problems with deferred maintenance across case study houses. This information was of particular interest to Resene (painting is a vital maintenance job and the research showed impacts beyond appearance) and IAG (poorly maintained homes are an issue for insurers).
  • Utilise Beacon’s expertise; for example, Christchurch City Council has engaged Beacon to develop a toolkit to encourage other councils to adopt a similar service to Build Back Smarter. 

Beacon Pathway Inc. looks forward to discussing these benefits and developing relationships with  organisations which share the Society’s vision of high performing, adaptable, resilient and affordable homes and neighbourhoods.

Come and talk to us!

Contact: Glenda Lock

Beacon Pathway Inc.
P.O Box 47 141
Auckland 1144

Ph (09) 361 5170