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  • 30-Aug-2009 (Report HR2420/9)

    HomeSmart Renovations: Early Data from Homeowner Interviews (PDF 444KB)

    Kay Saville Smith

    This report presents preliminary data from a subset of householders interviewed at least a month after the receipt of their HomeSmart Renovation Plan. It considers the profile of those householders, their perceptions of house condition and their past / intended renovations. The data gives some early insights into the sort of issues that may arise when the complete set of data collected in the HomeSmart Renovation project is matched and reported on.

  • 06-Jan-2008 (Report EN6570/3)

    House Owners and Energy: Retrofit, Renovation and Getting House Performance (PDF 351KB)

    Kay Saville Smith

    Reports on three surveys of homeowner groups in New Zealand: high energy users, recent movers, landlords. Summarises awareness, attitudes and efforts toward renovation, and willingness to pay for renovation.  Comes with three appendices: High Energy Users Survey; Recent Movers SurveyLandlords Survey

  • 05-Jan-2008 (Report EN6570/4)

    Appendix A: High Energy User Survey (PDF 450 KB)

    Kay Saville Smith

    Survey of 700 homeowners found that high energy users resist investment in retrofitting and do not select resource efficient homes. Despite higher energy expenditure and incomes, homeowners accept mould, damp and cold and make little improvement.  Appendix to House Owners and Energy - Retrofit, Renovation and Getting House Performance.

  • 05-Jan-2008 (Report EN6570/5)

    Appendix B: Recent Movers Energy Survey (PDF 500 KB)

    Kay Saville Smith

    A postal survey of 724 homeowners found that recent movers resist significant investment in retrofitting but attempt to select resource efficient houses. They spend a relatively high amount on renovation but are not aware of low cost options to increase energy efficiency and comfort. Their retrofits tend to include complex appliances and systems rather than address the basics such as draught control and efficient heating.  Appendix to House Owners and Energy - Retrofit, Renovation and Getting House Performance.


  • 05-Jan-2008 (Report EN6570/6)

    Appendix C: Landlords Energy Survey (PDF 400 KB)

    Kay Saville Smith

    A telephone survey of 491 landlords found resistance to investment in retrofitting and unresponsiveness to tenant demands or advice from professional bodies. Landlords report that they would renovate with financial assistance. Renovation and maintenance is largely cheap and basic redecorating, although in responding to cold, damp and mould, many pursue technological solutions before dealing with basic issues.  Appendix to House Owners and Energy - Retrofit, Renovation and Getting House Performance.

  • 13-Nov-2007 (Conference paper HR2420/4 )

    Smarter Homes: Transforming New Zealand Homes (PDF 2.6MB)

    Marta Karlik-Neale

    Sustainable Building SB07 New Zealand

  • 29-May-2007 (Presentation PRES/9)

    Transforming New Zealand's Homes: Smarter Homes and HomeSmarts (PDF 1MB)

    Marta Karlik-Neale

    Sustainable Living: Beacon Research Symposia 2007

  • 29-May-2007 (Presentation PRES/3)

    Market Transformation: Accelerating Sustainable Change (PDF 867KB)

    Verney Ryan

    Sustainable Living: Beacon Research Symposia 2007

  • 09-Jan-2007 (Report MT103/2)

    Quantitative Study: Household Uptake of Sustainable Solutions (PDF 595KB)

    Alex Woodley, Beverley Frederikson, Ann Smith, Alison Greenaway

    A homeowner survey assesses whether householders adopt sustainable technologies for their homes and identifies any barriers. Most changes are low cost and easy to DIY, but there is interest in high cost energy efficiency features. Barriers include a lack of awareness whether homes contain sustainable features or not.

  • 09-Jan-2007 (Report MT102/2)

    Qualitative Study: Perceptions of 'Sustainability' and Uptake of Sustainable Solutions by Householders (PDF 419KB)

    Rachael Trotman, Beverley Frederikson, Ann Smith, Alison Greenaway

    In-depth interviews with 43 households investigates what sustainability means to householders, assesses their engagement in adopting sustainable solutions for their home and perceived barriers in doing so. It also identifies some indicators to measure household uptake of sustainable solutions.

  • 03-Jan-2007 (Report MT105/2)

    Market Transformation Interventions: Creating demand and supply for sustainable housing (PDF 1.4MB)

    Cerasela Stancu, Graeme Finlay, Sarah Gunn

    Identified market transformation best practice through international review. Generated list of potential interventions and analysed a short list of interventions including WOF, value case, rates based on environmental performance and trusted information.

  • 02-Jan-2007 (Report MT104/2)

    Market Transformation Housing Industry Survey (PDF 331KB)

    Maurice Marquadt, Cerasela Stancu, Sarah Gunn

    Survey assessing the knowledge and uptake of sustainable business practices by the housing industry sector. Identifies examples of sustainability best practice and companies willing to develop best practice case studies.

  • 29-Sep-2004 (Report PCP/2)

    Industry Research Impacts and Alternatives (PDF 568KB)

    Ann Smith, Jeska McNicol, Graeme Finlay

    An early report commissioned for Beacon's Project Confirmation Phase.  Summarises international knowledge on encouraging industry uptake and assesses the current/future capacity of the industry to deliver sustainability outcomes. Proposes assessment and performance measurement , plus an economic study to generate industry cost benefit case studies.  Superseded by later research and activity.

  • 09-Jun-2004 (Report PCP/16)

    NOW Home Demonstration Home Hypothesis (PDF 469KB)

    Albert Stoecklein, Stephen McKernon

    An early report from Beacon's Programme Confirmation Phase, this report looks at how the first NOW Home (then in planning) could be used as a demonstration home.  Reviews overseas energy intervention programmes and case studies for market impact and achieved consumer behaviour change. Develops five step demonstration home evaluation methodology.

  • 08-Jan-2004 (Report PCP/1)

    Influencing People's Uptake of Sustainability in Housing (PDF 568KB)

    Stephen McKernon, Susan Bates, Karen Bayne, Albrecht Stoecklein, Frances Maplesden

    An early report from the Programme Confirmation Phase, this report has been superseded by more recent market transformation studies.  Includes a review of knowledge about, and commercial, social and environmental approaches to, social change.  Proposed research intervention design tool not picked up by Beacon.