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  • 01-Jul-2013 (Publication Case study/13)

    Achieving Good Solar Water Heater Performance (PDF 234KB)

    Three Beacon demonstration homes used and monitored solar water heating with mixed success.  This case study explains what worked and what didn't.

  • 30-Apr-2010 (Conference paper EN6570/10)

    It Takes All Types: A Typology of New Zealand Housing Stock (PDF 3MB)

    Ian Page, Verney Ryan

    SB10 New Zealand

  • 30-Apr-2010 (Conference paper EN6590/5)

    Development of Renewables Framework for Decision Making: Local Solutions for Local People (PDF 116KB)

    Verney Ryan, Mandy Armstrong

    SB10 New Zealand

  • 28-Feb-2010 (Report HR2420/12)

    Clawback of heating services in Beacon research homes (PDF 523KB)

    Andrew Pollard, Nikki Buckett

    Increased energy efficiency of hot water and space heating should reduce the cost of providing these services. However, the phenomenon of 'clawback' - where occupants use the improved heating system to increase comfort, can alter the effect of energy efficiency upgrades. In this work, the data from the Papakowhai Renovation Project, and the Waitakere NOW Home® are used to assess the clawback from the water heating and space heating services in ten New Zealand homes. 

  • 30-Jun-2009 (Report HR2420/8)

    Solar Water Heating in the Waitakere and Rotorua NOW Homes and in three Papakowhai Renovation homes (PDF 1.3MB)

    Andrew Pollard

    This report describes and examines the performance of the solar water heating systems used in the Waitakere NOW Home®, the Rotorua NOW Home® and three of the Papakowhai Renovation houses. A variety of systems were used in these houses and performance varied from 75% of the water heating being provided by solar in one of the Papakowhai  Renovation houses to 36% of the water heating needs being met by solar in the Rotorua NOW Home®.  Reasons for the performance levels are suggested. 

  • 31-May-2009 (Report EN6590/4)

    Matching Renewable Technology to Local Resources at the Household and Neighbourhood Level (PDF 916KB)

    Mandy Armstrong, Verney Ryan

    This report provides information for consumers about undertaking a site assessment in relation to the potential for electricity generation at their site (house and neighbourhood). It sets out the consumer-focussed information in a logical format that will help consumers come to grips with the key issues for individual site assessment.   Covers solar water heating, wood and pellet burners, passive solar design, wind and photovoltaic generation.

  • 31-Jan-2009 (Report EN6590/3)

    Development of Renewables Framework for Decision Making (PDF 1.47MB)

    Mandy Armstrong, Verney Ryan

    This report analyses appropriate local renewable energy solutions for New Zealand houses and neighbourhoods.  It sets out a framework for decision making to enable the process of technology selection, technology assessment and the evaluation of appropriate renewable options.  A series of new and retrofit scenarios illustrate that a variety of suitable renewable energy options exist to satisfy energy demands at both the home and neighbourhood scales.

  • 31-Oct-2008 (Report EN6570/9)

    New Zealand House Typologies to Inform Energy Retrofits (PDF 651KB)

    Verney Ryan, G Burgess, Lois Easton

    This report outlines the methodology and work undertaken to develop a series of housing typologies to inform Beacon in relation to energy retrofit interventions. It outlines the findings from a workshop examining house typology and a process of engagement with key experts to develop a framework for definition of house typologies applicable to the New Zealand housing stock.

  • 31-Oct-2008 (Report EN6570/8)

    Housing Typologies: Current Stock Prevalence (PDF 392KB)

    Ian Page, J Fung

    This report analyses the characteristics of the housing stock (such  as roof space and sub-floor space access, existing insulation levels, window and wall cladding condition, etc) that affect the ability, opportunity and need to retrofit sustainability features.  The report confirms the typologies developed in earlier work are generally useful and numbers in each group are provided.

  • 20-Sep-2008 (Conference paper EN6570/7)

    Energy: From Serial Renovator to Sensible Retrofitter (PDF 81KB)

    Verney Ryan, Kay Saville Smith

    SB08 World Sustainable Building Conference

  • 06-Jan-2008 (Presentation PRES/10)

    Turning Serial Renovators into Sensible Retrofitters (PDF 631KB)

    Verney Ryan

    Building Momentum: Beacon Research Symposia 2008

  • 06-Jan-2008 (Report EN6570/3)

    House Owners and Energy: Retrofit, Renovation and Getting House Performance (PDF 351KB)

    Kay Saville Smith

    Reports on three surveys of homeowner groups in New Zealand: high energy users, recent movers, landlords. Summarises awareness, attitudes and efforts toward renovation, and willingness to pay for renovation.  Comes with three appendices: High Energy Users Survey; Recent Movers SurveyLandlords Survey

  • 05-Jan-2008 (Report EN6570/4)

    Appendix A: High Energy User Survey (PDF 450 KB)

    Kay Saville Smith

    Survey of 700 homeowners found that high energy users resist investment in retrofitting and do not select resource efficient homes. Despite higher energy expenditure and incomes, homeowners accept mould, damp and cold and make little improvement.  Appendix to House Owners and Energy - Retrofit, Renovation and Getting House Performance.

  • 05-Jan-2008 (Report EN6570/5)

    Appendix B: Recent Movers Energy Survey (PDF 500 KB)

    Kay Saville Smith

    A postal survey of 724 homeowners found that recent movers resist significant investment in retrofitting but attempt to select resource efficient houses. They spend a relatively high amount on renovation but are not aware of low cost options to increase energy efficiency and comfort. Their retrofits tend to include complex appliances and systems rather than address the basics such as draught control and efficient heating.  Appendix to House Owners and Energy - Retrofit, Renovation and Getting House Performance.


  • 05-Jan-2008 (Report EN6570/6)

    Appendix C: Landlords Energy Survey (PDF 400 KB)

    Kay Saville Smith

    A telephone survey of 491 landlords found resistance to investment in retrofitting and unresponsiveness to tenant demands or advice from professional bodies. Landlords report that they would renovate with financial assistance. Renovation and maintenance is largely cheap and basic redecorating, although in responding to cold, damp and mould, many pursue technological solutions before dealing with basic issues.  Appendix to House Owners and Energy - Retrofit, Renovation and Getting House Performance.

  • 02-Jan-2008 (Report TE210/3)

    Thermal Insulation in New Zealand Homes: A Status Report (PDF 504KB)

    Ian McChesney, Ian Cox-Smith, Lynda Amitrano

    This paper considers thermal insulation for New Zealand homes, covering technical aspects of new build and retrofit insulation. The policy focus is mainly on the incentives and other means to encourage retrofit insulation, and includes a review of policies in the UK. The paper includes suggestions for improving insulation practice might be achieved.

  • 03-Jan-2006 (Report TE140/3)

    Renewable Energy Opportunities in the NZ Residential Built Environment (PDF 626KB)

    Chris Kane

    High-level view of low and renewable energy technologies in New Zealand, the level of uptake, who is involved in the market, and the potential changes which will bring Beacon closer to its goals. Considers two main types of energy, low grade and high grade.

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