Our earliest research

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Project Confirmation Phase

In July 2004, Beacon Pathway Ltd commissioned an initial research programme to confirm the path and scope of its future research.   These reports, commissioned from a variety of organisations and researchers, helped to identify gaps in the knowledge about sustainable housing and neighbourhoods.  They form the foundation on which the research programme undertaken for FRST was based.

The key learnings from Beacon Pathway Ltd’s initial phase of research were summarised in a 50 page booklet, Together, Creating Tomorrow’s Homes.   This early booklet outlines Beacon’s vision and goals, and looks at the issues Beacon, and New Zealanders, face in achieving them.

Early Market Transformation research

It was clear early on in Beacon’s original programme that research alone would not be enough to effect change on the scale that Beacon sought.  One early strand of research was into market transformation - how and who Beacon needed to influence to transform New Zealand’s homes and neighbourhoods.

The market transformation programme investigated a mix of measures to create both “supply push” and “demand pull”. Supply-side approaches include requirements for suppliers to improve product design considering all stages of the product’s life cycle, performance and quality; minimum standards, labels and building codes. Demand-side approaches include education of consumers and professionals; incentives through finance or voluntary schemes, home performance audits and reporting.




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