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Nick Collins, General Manager

CEO - Nick Collins

Nick oversees direction and business management, identifies strategic opportunities and manages key relationships with members and across a wide range of stakeholders.

Nick has been with Beacon almost since the start, having led the original company for six years as general manager, before overseeing the transition to an incorporated society.

Verney Ryan

Project Manager  - Verney Ryan

Verney’s extensive expertise in new build and sustainable design has been put to good use most recently overseeing the off-site construction of the innovative New Category of Home demonstrations.  He also provides renewable energy and energy efficiency expertise to Beacon. 


Project Manager - Glenda Lock

Working out of the Auckland office, Glenda manages projects across Beacon’s portfolio, including projects in Rodney Local Board communities, Tamaki, and Auckland’s Southern Initiative.

Vicki Cowan, Knowledge Manager

Consultant - Wellington - Vicki Cowan

Formerly Beacon’s Knowledge Manager, Vicki has reduced her workload recently and now represents Beacon in Wellington-based projects.   Vicki has been part of Beacon since 2006.


Consultant - Auckland - Shalema Wanden-Hannay

With a planning background, Shalema organises Beacon’s community-led planning and placemaking work.  Shalema most recently oversaw the workshops run during Milenko Matanovic’s visit and is following up on subsequent projects.


Communications Liaison - Andrea Blackmore

Andrea provides communications support for Beacon projects and coordinates media activities.  She works across the projects to disseminate Beacon’s research to end-users (industry organisations, government and consumers), including publishing Beacon’s newsletter and maintaining the website.

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