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Each house has been renovated with a different package of features addressing energy, water, indoor environment quality and waste.  Some houses have been brought up to the HSS High Standard of Sustainability®, while other houses had more modest interventions. This will enable researchers to compare alternative features and combinations of features to identify the best performance and cost-effectiveness.

The renovations range from relatively non-invasive, easy-to-install features, such as:

  • ceiling insulation (R2.6) and underfloor insulation (R2.0)
  • draught stopping
  • compact fluorescent lightbulbs
  • hot water cylinder wrap
  • mechanical ventilation for kitchen and bathroom,
  • venting of dryers to the outside
  • low flow shower heads and flow restrictors on taps
  • dual flush toilet
  • worm farms and recycling bins

to measures aimed to make greater gains in the sustainability of the home.  These may include:

  • maximum insulation, (especially to living spaces, bedrooms and south wall)
  • double glazing
  • solar hot water systems or instant gas hot water
  • efficient wood burner
  • flued gas heaters
  • pellet burner with wetback
  • heat pump
  • heat transfer systems

Of the simpler measures, researchers assessed what each house already had.  It is positive to note that few of the houses needed compact fluorescent lightbulbs, recycling bins, flow restrictors or dual flush toilets – they were already in use.



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