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One of Beacon’s greatest resources is our extensive network across the housing sector. We have connections in central and local government, industry, affordable and third sector housing providers, design and construction, and industry associations.

We are also developing international connections, particularly in relation to medium density development overseas, which we open to our national network via study tours.

Work with us to tap into this resource to draw together partners around an opportunity or project. Leverage your input with funding or skills from other organisations. 

We’re also often aware of opportunities and activities in other parts of the sector and we can put you in touch with the right person to talk to.

We use our networks as a channel to drive transformation.  Being part of our network brings you opportunities to access the various ways we share knowledge - newsletters, symposia, study tours.  

Case study: Build Back Smarter pilot project

This ten home pilot project is the perfect example of Beacon leveraging its networks to get a project going to bring about change. 

Soon after the earthquakes Beacon realised that the extensive repair required in Canterbury presents an opportunity to improve the region’s existing housing stock because:

  • The sheer number of houses needing major repair means wide scale improvement is possible
  • Damaged linings and cladding mean there is an opportunity to make upgrades that would only usually occur once every 30 years
  • It is an ideal opportunity to undertake upgrades that research says make a big difference to warmth, comfort and efficiency of houses, with follow-on improvement to health and productivity

Beacon successfully pulled together funding from EECA, Fletcher Building, Christchurch City Council, Christchurch Agency for Energy, and the Ministry of Science and Innovation for a demonstration pilot showing that home performance improvements can and should be undertaken during earthquake repairs. Beacon then worked with insurers (IAG and Southern Response) and project management offices (Hawkins and Arrow International) to recruit homeowners and to integrate upgrades with earthquake repair schedules. 

Learnings from Build Back Smarter have influenced thinking about the rebuild in a number of ways:

  • The case studies showed that upgrades should focus on interventions that can only be done during earthquake repair. Homeowners were pleased with results and ease of service but needed case management assistance to support them.
  • There is greater scope for wall insulation than expected as it is more cost effective to replace plasterboard.  Including wall and other insulation does not delay earthquake repairs. Beacon’s experience informed the debate about whether homeowners should be allowed to include improvements and influenced EQC to change their policy on the matter.
  • Build Back Smarter findings contributed to the Canterbury Sustainable Homes Working Party and led to the investigation into establishing a wider service to support homeowners


Case study: Study tours

Beacon is developing international connections which we open to our national network via study tours.

Our 2008 study tour of the UK looked at the Code for Sustainable Homes and opened conversation in New Zealand about a residential rating tool which resulted in the development of Homestart.

Our 2013 tour of successful medium density development in Victoria BC, Seattle and Portland provided a rich resource of knowledge and contacts for participants.  A wide ranging schedule of presentations has shared some of the new and exciting ideas we found with urban planners and councils back in New Zealand.

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Study tour in Victoria

Beacon’s study tour group in Victoria

Visiting Pike Place market in Seattle

Visiting Pike Place Market in Seattle

Here’s what our clients say:

“The strength for me is how Beacon helps us to connect with other stakeholders and expands our view as well as activating us to do things differently. So partnerships and opportunities that open up as a result.“

“Beacon is credible with good networks and they make happen what they promise.“

“We also see value in the study tours - we can’t send loads of people but they are a way of growing our expertise that we couldn’t do for ourselves.“

“Our experience of the housing study tour helped me to get a hook into Beacon we are now negotiating a formal funding agreement for one project. There are real possibilities for laneway housing in this project, for example, that wouldn’t happen without this relationship.“