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Our members share the goal of transforming New Zealand’s homes and neighbourhoods.  They also share the benefits of first-hand knowledge of Beacon’s learnings and collaborating closely with other members across the sector.  If membership’s not for your organisation, we’re happy to partner in other ways.


Value for members

Being part of Beacon offers members a unique set of opportunities:

  • Leverage of members’ R&D investment via jointly funded Beacon projects.
  • Direct learning through participation in Beacon demonstration projects.  These draw on Beacon’s unique evidence bases and are robustly evaluated to provide real world proof of concept.  We ‘wring the value’ out of the demonstrations to drive change: we don’t build show homes.
  • Potential first mover advantage gained from members applying the learning from their engagement in Beacon-run projects.
  • Access to Beacon’s network facilitates collaborative work across the value chain: central government agencies, councils and industry.
  • Access to Beacon’s knowledge through uptake activities such as symposia, workshops, newsletters and briefings.


Partnerships - IAG

Beacon and IAG have joined together in a partnership to build our combined knowledge and understanding of resilience at a community and household level, and to reduce risk relating to the residential sector.

The partnership will be kicked off by a joint workshop session to share what we know about neighbourhoods, new-build and existing homes and the constraints, aims and goals of both organisations.  This will define a joint programme of work that will form the basis of the partnership. 

Beacon and IAG see benefits in working jointly, using available data and research from both organisations, to inform decision making at a local and central government level.   There are opportunities for IAG’s sustainability champions, team and customers to benefit from participating in Beacon projects and to learn from our knowledge and tools.  Beacon has a wealth of homeowner information which can benefit IAG’s 4000+ employees and over a third of the New Zealand insurance market.


Interested in membership or partnering with us?

Beacon Pathway Inc. looks forward to discussing these benefits and developing relationships with any organisations across the residential housing chain which share the Society’s vision of high performing,  adaptable, resilient and affordable homes and neighbourhoods.

Nick Collins, CEO

Beacon Pathway Inc.
P.O Box 74 618

Ph (09) 522 5170
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What our members say

“We really value working with Beacon, as a member and within projects.  The complex problems faced in Christchurch cannot be solved by a single organisation alone; it requires strong relationships, networks, aligned thinking and integrated solutions.  This is where Beacon excels.

With an extensive multi-sector network (public, private, NGOs) and experience in collaborative projects, Beacon is an ideal body to facilitate the nationwide exchange of ideas and bring key organisations around the table.  This has meant greater progress and an enhanced ability to leverage resources to deliver more than the Council could on its own.

Beacon’s vision is also its strength.  They are the keepers of a bold and compelling vision that aligns with our community outcomes (e.g. healthy, liveable, resilient).  Holding that vision front of mind makes Beacon a real catalyst for change.

Beacon is independent and results-based - they come up with useful, practical and political solutions which the Council can readily use. Beacon produces a high quality of work in a suitable format, whether publications, tools or advice.  They are also a critical friend, giving honest feedback on plans, policies and approaches.“

Tony Moore, Principal Advisor - Sustainability, Christchurch City Council